The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes

A Novel

The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes

A Novel

‘A gifted eye that can see the unperceivable, a secret that cannot be seen; with the clock ticking the hunt to decode this enigma begins.’

Rudra Gautam is an adopted son of the newly elected Prime Minister of India. His mesmerizing turquoise eyes weren’t just his most impressive feature but they were able to visualize even the world of electrical and magnetic energies around them. Rudra keeps his extraordinary capabilities hidden until his uniqueness was chosen to unravel a secret.

From streets of New Delhi to the world’s most unforgiving elevations. The series of events takes Rudra to a point where he was left with no choice but to get involved. His wheezing trail was followed on by an inexhaustible demon. As he runs deeper into this mystery, the secrets unfold and he discovers that his gifted eyes were poised to unleash a deeper secret.

Let your senses imbibe into this world of absolute secrets, a one of its kind story to link spiritual awakening with real life happenings and to a concoction of unthinkable yet logical unnaturalness.


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The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes by Praachi Verma- Book Trailer

A science-fiction and fantasy tale; a journey through a web of complex anagrams into an abyss of unthinkable secrets. A tale beyond consciousness, reality and mortality.

Open up to a dimension you have never explored and witness a spiritual awakening to concuss your perceptions.    

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