Cover Pic: The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes

The Secret of His Turquoise Eyes

What if you embody a secret that you yourself aren’t aware of?

The clues to which are hidden in strangest of places; the directions to which can be obtained only by solving complex codes. That only the most knowledgeable can figure out. 

Rudra Gautam’s mesmerizing turquoise eyes weren’t just his most impressive feature, they were capable of visualizing the world of electric and magnetic energies around him. He leaves his perfect life to pursue this quest in a race against time to save the world. He traverses through world’s most unforgiving elevations to a mystic place where his innermost fears comes to life.   

He is accompanied by the girl he once loved and chased by a para-human assassin who will do anything to stop him.

How far would he go to unravel this enigma before he realizes that the answer to it lays within him.  

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